Carnaval de Québec

From January 31, from February 16, 2014.

From the beginning of the French colony, the inhabitants of New France were accustomed to come together to celebrate a good shot, just before the period of Lent. The tradition of celebrating the end of January until mid-February is not new.

In Quebec, the World Capital of snow, the first big winter carnival was launched in 1894. So often faced with the harsh winter, the population reinvented this popular tradition and put up a winter celebration that warmed the hearts. Interrupted by two world wars and the Great Depression of 1929, the Carnival was held sporadically until the second half of the century.  In 1954, in a context of economic development of the Old Capital, a group of business people raise the party.  «Bonhomme» was born in 1954 and was elected to represent the event.  The first edition of the Quebec Winter Carnival took place in 1955. The Quebec Winter Carnival becomes a key event for the people of Quebec and an engine of winter tourism in the city.

From one winter to another, the Carnival program was enriched.  Was added to the popular activities that are winter sports, snow sculptures and other activities drawn from the Quebec folk life, the canoe and sled dogs race.

Today, the Quebec Winter Carnival is the largest winter carnival in the world and gets the third place in ranking of the largest carnivals, next to the famous carnivals in Rio and New Orleans.


Photos : © Carnaval de Québec