Kayak au Quebec


Montrealers from cultural communities represent 25% of the population of the metropolitan area and 14% of that of Quebec. However, these million people contribute little to the Quebec Tourism and prefer to travel in Ontario or the northeastern United States.

Being the champion of immigration, the Quebec does not know and does not want to convince these people to take their holidays in the province. The message sent to them is that Quebec is a homeland and not a tourist destination.
For six years, we publish a guidebook for the regions of Quebec cultural communities (paper, web, radio). We are pleased to note that several regions have enhanced their offers to suit their needs. But other regions such as Lanaudière, Laurentides remain unwelcoming to communities.

So we invite you to enjoy the winter season to discover Quebec and its regions and live another Quebec experience.
In order to help you make discoveries, we offer this guide and bilingual website. You will find where to spend a day, a weekend, the holiday and why not, a way of living.


These communities travel mostly with their family that is, in groups of five to fifteen people. Their accommodation and catering needs are therefore specific as well as their activities. Unfortunately, many tourism stakeholders and several regions do not meet these requirements.

Our guide offers you information on regions, cities, sites, activities that meet your expectations. We also offer packages designed specifically for cultural communities.

This site will also allow you to share your travel experiences good or bad, your comments, your remarks, your opinion.