Festival jardin de Métis

The foundation of Metis Gardens proposes to admire spectacular gardens from 27 June to September 27 in Grand-Métis at the 16th edition of the International Garden Festival.

Gaspésie is full of spectacular scenery . However, there is a place where nature becomes outsized: The International Festival of Metis Gardens. The popularity of the festival comes from the original proposed by architects and landscape architects from around the world to sculpt his works gardens.

It captivates and enchants amateurs gardens. The event takes place near the historic gardens of Métis. Open to the public in 1962, Elsie Reford gardens offer a contrast between the modern works of the festival, and the historic gardens.

The International Garden Festival is well named , as hundreds of artists from different countries are fighting to see their creations on display during the festival. The six presentations gardens were selected among 293 projects submitted from around the world. The Garden Festival holds its reputation by the plurality of choices of artists, just for this edition artists from five different countries : the United States represented by Civilian Projects and Nomad studio, South Korea is represented by Livescape , artists Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster from Switzerland. Canada recalled by the collective Chassi and finally Spain is honored with CityLaboratory.

Festival jardin de Métis

The garden offers visitors the opportunity to discover in a playful way, the principle of regeneration of these trees, a stroll through the forest. Beyond nature, the South Koreans of Livescape offer visitors a garden composed of cones sites. Cone Garden denounces the over- building of cities , why they use orange cones to be used as benches, megaphones … In addition to being aesthetically pleasing , these gardens also offer a good opportunity to meditate on the world around us.

Photos courtesy © Marie-Claude Hamel