Conseil de route


The summer season runs from June 24 (the day of Saint-Jean-Baptiste) to the first Monday of September (Labour Day) and is sometimes extended to the second Monday of October (the day of the Thanksgiving).
Schedules attractions are generally from 9a.m to 5p.m. Museums are often closed on Mondays.
In each region, the “Association Touristique Régionale (ATR)” publishes a free detailed and very useful guide. You can easily find information centers listed on the main roads.
If you are lost, do not hesitate to ask for directions. The people are as friendly as helpful.


If you are traveling in group, the cost of transportation by train, plane or even by bus is prohibitive. We suggest you to travel by car or in minivan.
However, the roads are long and often deserted. Your vehicle must be in good condition. Fill fuel regularly without waiting for your tank to be empty. You need real tire in case of a puncture and not called “donut” spare tires” that are not suitable for long distance and sometimes a gravel road. Be sure to also have windshield washer fluid, a basic tool kit, a first aid kit, provisions and drinking water bottles.


It is essential to have a cell phone but beware, networks may vary between regions. So check with your phone company before you go and check your packages.
If you have a smartphone or a mobile tablet (Iphone or Ipad) you can watch the journey on our maps and even enlarge for more details. Otherwise, it is essential to have map. and even a map out roads.


Various types of accommodations are available for groups and families (with kitchen, cottage, camping …). Check with the tourist information centers.