Baie St Paul

At 400 km from Montreal via Highway 138 East, the St. Lawrence River and the mountains hug in the breathtaking landscapes. The beauty of the place has inspired many painters, poets and musicians.

Major cities: Baie-Saint-Paul, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, Ile-aux-Coudres, La Malbaie.


Covering an area of ​​6000 square kilometers in the heart of the Canadian Shield, Charlevoix has unique attractions. The special character of the mountainous landscape is due to the impact of a meteorite 15 billion tons 350 million years ago. The current crater extends 56 km west of Baie-Saint-Paul to east of La Malbaie


The Mountain Route

It takes you from Baie St. Paul to La Malbaie through the villages of Saint-Urbain, Notre-Dame-des-Monts Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs and Clermont.

The River Route

It also leads to Baie-Saint-Paul to La Malbaie through St. Joseph from the shore, Les Éboulements, Saint-Irénée and Pointe-au-Pic.
From La Malbaie, along Highway 138, you will reach Saint-Siméon and Baie Sainte-Catherine.

Baie Saint Paul

363 km 138 E
The town is built along the river. Historically, its decor attracts painters. You will discover their work in art galleries and shops of the Rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the Museum of Contemporary Art galleries. (23, Ambroise-Fafard street).


365 km – Fifteen kilometers ferry from Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive.
A little paradise where hazel (former name of hazel, hence its name) abound.


La Malbaie

418 km 138 E 362 E
The Manoir Richelieu worth a visit, the rich American society paraded for many years. Its wooden staircase leads to the dock where restaurants and shops can be found.
The Musée de Charlevoix (10 chemin du Havre) is a showcase of folk art and regional ethnography.

Baie Sainte-Catherine

490 km – 138E
This village of 200 inhabitants welcomes thousands of visitors willing to observe different species of whales which live in the waters of the river and the Saguenay Fjord. We can find a sandy beach along the bay.