Native peoples are poorly represented at festivals in Quebec. However, some lend their attention as the People’s Festival which runs from July 29 to August 5th , at the Quartier des spectacles in Montreal.

North Americans tend to forget the presence and role that has played Aboriginals in building their society. Most regions of Quebec do not organize events to celebrate the presence of these people in their territory. The attention of these non-Aboriginal, present on Canadian soil for a long time, pushing them to marginalize and thereafter be forgotten. However, some cities in Quebec gave them a festival or a day to celebrate their presence.
Montreal give them a week of festivities, while Abitibi or Quebec offer a day and a weekend.


For the 24th consecutive year, Lands In sights offers visitors the People’s Festival in order to celebrate the presence of Natives peoples in the province, and to allow city residents to share a good time with Native Americans .
The festivities present gastronomy inspired by early Americans but also the culture of the Aboriginal people, such as art, film and music. The culture of these people is the heart of this festival. It is present in all its forms: engravings, paintings, sculptures, photography and prints. The artists of the event are either coming from a First Nations people , or work with the help of Aboriginal people. The event features a competition of films, mostly made by Native Americans. However, producers in other regions of the world are also part .
Films presented at the festival relate more or less the culture and lifestyle of Aboriginal people through a variety of feature and short films and different styles such as fiction, documentary or animation. However, the name of Aboriginal festival includes all native peoples of different countries of the world and not just America. They are Australian Aboriginal , Inuit or Maya.


Although the event is only driven by Native American culture , the festival presents different music to suit everyone. Indeed, it offers a multitude of musical styles, but always focused on the native peoples of America. It offers both a concert of nomadic artists and an electro scene.