Mosaika Ottawa

Relive the history of Canada through a free sound and light show with Mosaïka, from July to September, in Ottawa.

Learn or improve your knowledge about the history of Canada in thirty minutes with Mosaïka. This show of sound and light captivate both residents and visitors . Parliament comes to life through games sounds and lights. The show traces the history, landscapes, traditions and customs of Canada. It sets the first Europeans arrival, the birth of the canadian nation … This show can trace the history of Canada in a fun way , with family or friends. You will become expert on the history of your country.

Established in 1984 by the National Capital Commission (NCC), the event aims to expose the pride of Canada’s largest number, either at languages, traditions and heritage.

Mosaika Ottawa

Every five years, the NCC change the theme of these shows. Since 2010,  » Mosaïka : the Canada told his people , » is presented to the public. The show transcribed the whole universe and the history of Canada in thirty minutes through the play of light and sound broadcast on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. In this projection, Mosaïka is told by Canadians to remember the authenticity of the event and show the public that Canadians are indeed proud of their history and their nation. Although the theme is unchanged, producers still provide some annual changes in order not to bore the audience. For the enjoyment and understanding of all, the show is broadcast in two languages: English and French. He received in 2012, nearly 5,000 visitors daily to its national reputation and has attracted over 1.2 million visitors since its inception in 1984.

The festival has won four awards for tourism approach the show,. It is also one of the hundred best festivals of Ontario , so if you ‘re in the area , come deepen or acquire historical knowledge of this famous country called Canada.

Photos courtesy © Neil Robertson