Festival des traditions du monde
All the traditions of the world!

This year again, the city of Sherbrooke hosts its traditional festival traditions of the world from 7 to 11 August.

All cultures will be there. From 7th to 11th August, Sherbrooke invites the public to (re) discover its Traditions of the World Festival. In a glitzy decor adorned with a zen garden and a teahouse, East Asia will inaugurate the festivities with the Sankofa group. Immersed in the atmosphere of classical and modern dances of India, public will be carried away leave at an initiation journey punctuated with cultural and artistic discoveries in Rajasthan in Bollywood. In addition, between egg rolls and chicken with lemongrass, Vietnam will be pleased to present the secrets of gourmet cooking with his head cook Trong Khac Do. The festival will continue at the Palace of the Orient with haunting music from Algerian and Moroccan land. The Iraqi community will also deploy its culinary and artistic talents of an entire culture often unfamiliar with songs, dances and tastings that will try to awaken the taste buds. Coming directly from the School Dance Baladi de l’Estrie, the dance troupe Abir will present traditional Egyptian dances and will revive during the show, the land of the pharaohs.